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In order to allow the equipment to operate for several hours or day, the current lithium battery capacity is increasing day by day, and the power content can be very high. If improperly packaged or damaged during transportation, lithium batteries may short-circuit, causing them to overheat and catch fire. Inferior and counterfeit batteries that have not been rigorously tested are at higher risk.

Therefore, there are strict guidelines for the shipment and transportation of lithium batteries. Customers who make false declarations, wrong packaging and improper handling of dangerous goods may receive severe penalties!

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Want to send your lithium battery products by express, air, sea and rail transportation? Before placing an order on the FreightAmigo platform, check with our logistics experts for details and pay attention to the following:


Things you need to know ??


Common lithium battery categories

  • UN3090 Lithium Metal Battery Hazard Category 9
  • UN3091 Lithium metal batteries packed in equipment or lithium metal batteries packed with equipment Hazard category 9
  • UN3480 Lithium-ion battery Hazard category 9
  • UN3481 Lithium ion batteries packed in equipment or lithium ion batteries packed with equipment Hazard category 9


10 common items containing lithium batteries

  • Mobile Phones | Laptops and Tablets
  • Camera | Electronic Watch
  • Measuring equipment | Medical equipment
  • Hoverboard | Electric Bicycle
  • Power tools | Drones

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3 steps must be done before shipping

  1. Check with the supplier about the battery type and the required supporting documents
  2. Consult the shipping company’s guidelines
  3. Properly package and label the shipment


MSDS Report – Important document for sending dangerous goods

The document specifications for express, air, sea and rail transportation may be different. But most generally, the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) records the physical and chemical characteristics of the cargo materials, and the logistics company will make special delivery and storage arrangements in accordance with the document’s guidelines. You can first contact your goods provider or manufacturer to obtain the document, FreightAmigo logistics experts will review for you whether it can be shipped and then make a quotation.


Important reminder

  • If the shipment contains any prohibited items, fails to submit the supporting documents required by the courier company or local customs, or the sender makes a false report or fails to truthfully declare the contents of the shipment, the service provider has the right to return the mail and may Fines, handling fees, and administrative fees are levied on the sender. The amount is completely determined by the customs and related companies.
  • Please keep the original packaging of the product and send it out to reduce the risk of customs clearance.
  • Different countries have different import and export regulations for lithium battery products. Please strictly follow local customs regulations.
  • The online quotation on the FreightAmigo platform does not include the cost of handling dangerous goods. Please ask for an accurate quotation from customer service.


Download shipping label for lithium battery products

*It is recommended that the print size is not less than 21×33 cm, and the label must include the sender’s contact number


For more detailed reference:

IATA Air Cargo Manuals-Dangerous Goods Regulations

International Maritime Organization (IMO)-IMDG Code


FreightAmigo provides customers with safe and professional lithium battery products shipping services:

  • Simplify complicated procedures for handling dangerous goods documents
  • Service covers more than 230 countries, professional customs clearance
  • Shipment tracking connects more than 300 airlines and shipping companies to get the latest status instantly
  • Logistics team 24×7 online assistance

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