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Safety has always been the core value of fine art logistics. From packaging, security, temperature control to installation, every process needs to be closely monitored. One tiny mistake may cause permanent damage to the artwork. Learn about FreightAmigo Fine Art Logistics solutions to solve your shipping troubles!

FreightAmigo’s Fine Art Logistics Solution –

Offers Safe Delivery for Valuable artworks

El Arte


El Arte




World Wide

Founded in 2004, El Arte is an art sales company that has sourced the work of new and young artists around the world. The founder has always held the idea of supporting young artists and actively establishes sales channels for them to gain public’s attention. Buyers from all over the world can now purchase artworks through El Arte to support those talented artists.

Before FreightAmigo

  • Incurred 6-figure losses due to poor logistics management
  • High operating cost on documentation handling

After FreightAmigo

  • Custom-made Crating Solution
  • Document and customs clearance handling in 1-stop
  • Tax consultation



Each artwork is the hard work of artist; we do not want to see that artwork is damaged again because of logistics and distribution issues!

Something unpleasant happened when El Arte appointed a forwarder in delivering artworks years ago. The artwork was damaged during transportation, result in a 6-figure loss. Although insurance companies covered the damages, the artwork was unique and could not be valued solely on monetary terms. Therefore, choosing a suitable logistics solution is one of the challenges the team has been facing over the years.

In addition, when the team arranges the import and export of artworks, detailed customs declaration documents are always required. For employees who lack logistics knowledge, this could be another a big challenge.

Our Solution


Professional freight solution from FreightAmigo is here to help!

First of all, FreightAmigo’s professional team first evaluated the size, weight, transportation route and mode of these paintings, and then customized a suitable plan specially for this shipment. After our evaluation, we decided to put the wrapped paintings into a custom-made wooden box, and then use shock-absorbing materials as fillers to enhance shock-absorbing effects.

In terms of document procedures, in order to avoid delays in shipment due to missing documents, FreightAmigo will provide one-stop service, arrange freight insurance and assist in customs clearance in addition to door-to-door freight solutions and professional packaging services. Therefore, when we were handling this fine art shipment, we purchased additional freight insurance for El Arte in 1-stop, ensure a comprehensive freight protection for this batch of paintings.

Finally, FreightAmigo also understands that import and export of artworks may involve taxation. Therefore, in order to avoid criminal liability due to tax evasion, FreightAmigo team welcome any questions about tax collection of artworks in different countries.

Results and Benefits

With FreightAmigo, El Arte no longer has to worry about logistics. When handling each artwork delivery order, artworks are handled with care in transit; you can also rely on the support of the FreightAmigo team for customs clearance and tax matters. The founder can focus on the business development of the company and introduce more emerging artists to El Arte!

Free Consultation

If your business is facing similar challenges over logistics issues, contact us and get your tailored solution. Let’s Make Trade Easier with FreightAmigo!