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The beauty and skin care products industry is highly competitive, and prompt delivery to customers is one of the keys to success. However, there are many restrictions over the distribution of beauty products. To ensure your products are delivered to customers as scheduled, reliable logistics service is your best helper! Learn about FreightAmigo's logistics solutions for the beauty industry to solve your shipping troubles!

FreightAmigo’s Cosmetics Logistics Solution –

Save 70% Logistics Fee For Your Business

My Earthy Kiss


My Earthy Kiss





My Earthy Kiss, founded in 2019, is a skincare brand. Grace, founder of My Earthy Kiss, has suffered skin problems for many years. Therefore, she decided to search for natural ingredients around the world to create natural skincare products that are tailored for Asians. Apart from developing new products, Grace often shares her skincare tips via social media platforms, making skincare easy and effective for everyone.

Before FreightAmigo

  • Lack logistics knowledge
  • High logistics cost
  • Limited resources

After FreightAmigo

  • Save logistics fee by 70%
  • Reduced document handling time
  • Efficient business operation



Our number of orders company cannot meet the minimum requirements of those large logistics companies, and therefore, we cannot enjoy their corporate discount offer.

Grace’s team handles repetitive logistics procedures every day, including sourcing orders from various locations and arranging deliveries for clients’ orders. This workflow is very cumbersome, and errors or omissions can easily cause delays. Brand credibility will then be at stake.

In addition, Grace has been searching for business discount for corporate customers from several international express companies, hoping to reduce logistics costs. However, their order volumes could not meet their minimum requirements. So, her team was spending a lot on logistics per month.

The ingredients of skincare products will also directly affect whether the goods can be sent. Even if they can be sent, detailed customs declaration documents are required. For employees who lack logistics knowledge, this could be a big challenge.

Our Solution


FreightAmigo can offer freight solutions with up to 70% off, which is very appealing for SMEs.

Professional freight solution from FreightAmigo is here to help! First of all, FreightAmigo is a supply chain finance platform, it provides customers with economies of scale! My Earthy Kiss can enjoy exclusive corporate discounts without worrying about monthly shipment volumes with FreightAmigo.

Secondly, we digitize the entire logistics procurement. My Earthy Kiss employees only need to fill in the basic information, and all shipping documents will be automatically generated. This greatly improves the efficiency of document processing as a whole.

Lastly, FreightAmigo has a professional customer service team to solve customers’ freight problems around the clock. Missing information and other human errors can be avoided which can therefore ensure orders delivered as scheduled.

Results and Benefits

With FreightAmigo, My Earthy Kiss can enjoy up to 70% off on each logistics shipment. The team no longer spends hours on shipping document with the help from FreightAmigo’s automated document handling function. They can now focus more on R&D and build a better business development strategy for My Earthy Kiss.

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