Car Industry
The car needs to undergo multiple loading and unloading procedures throughout the shipping journey. Collision or damage might occur. Moreover, car shipment procedures are complicated and involve more documentation preparation. To ensure your cars are delivered as scheduled, reliable logistics service is your best helper! Learn about FreightAmigo’s logistics solutions for the car industry to solve your shipping troubles

Luxury Car Shipment with FreightAmigo –

LaFerrari Arrived in Australia in 2 Days

Before FreightAmigo

  • Complicated documentation preparation
  • Lack of logistics knowledge and support
  • Limited labor resources

After FreightAmigo

  • Reduced document handling time
  • Professional packing service
  • Efficient logistics process

Case Background

Recently, FreightAmigo completed an overseas car shipment solution, delivering a legendary LaFerrari from Hong Kong to Australia in two days via air freight.

Car logistics is a complex set of work that involves a structured network of transportation, storage, and distribution that requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that vehicles are moved efficiently and safely.

The LaFerrari is a legendary supercar produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari. With only 499 units produced, it represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and design.

Introduced by our agent in Australia, FreightAmigo took on the task to deliver this HKD 25 million worth of super sportscar.



Shipping of luxury cars is complicated. I am concerned about the risk of collision, damage, and delay during the process.

As car logistics procedures are much complicated and involve many documentations and preparation, our team had to carefully planned the entire journey so all requirements are fulfilled for a smooth delivery.

For any overseas shipments, especially for expensive goods, documents should always be prepared ahead of time. This includes vehicle registration document for verifying registered owner of the vehicle, as well as document for export declaration.

In this case, the car is delivered from door-to-port. We helped our client acquired the necessary Dangerous Goods License for leaving the ports in Hong Kong.

Our Solution


Professional team from FreightAmigo is attentive and proactive on handling freight solution.

Before an overseas car shipment, FreightAmigo first drained the vehicle’s fuel tank before loading into the container.

For precious and luxurious good as such, it is necessary to evaluate the size of the vehicle before making freight recommendation. After evaluation, we arranged a pickup at the Ferrari service center in Hong Kong by a Double Deck enclosed Tow Truck (Transporter), secured the car in a sealed container to better ensure the car’s safety and the client’s privacy.

FreightAmigo offers flexible freight solutions to serve our client’s needs. For this case, all the packing and loading procedures were done in the restricted area at the Hong Kong International Airport. We tightly secured the vehicle using 8 cargo straps onto a 16 feel Unit Load Device (ULD). By stabilizing the car wheels, any damage caused by bumpy freight journey can be avoided.

We have also digitalized the entire logistics procurement. Our client only needs to fill in the required basic information then all shipping documents required for leaving Hong Kong is completed by the FreightAmigo team. Therefore, ensuring the delivery can be shipped out as scheduled without any missing information or documentation errors.

FreightAmigo also has a 24/7 professional logistics customer service team standing by to resolve any potential freight related queries or problems.

Results and Benefits

Increase Efficiency

  • Our client can easily get shipment updates anytime through our online tracking system

Focus In Business Development

  • Our client is put at easy with a professional team following through the whole shipping process.

Be Comprehensive

  • FreightAmigo is not only experienced in overseas vehicle shipment but also handling our clients; shipping documents and related customs clearance procedures on our one-stop platform.

Free Consultation

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