Helpie FAQ

  • What kind of transport modes FreightAmigo are offered?

    We would provide door-to-door logistics solutions, through

    -Air Freight

    -Sea Freight (full container load (FCL) & less-than-container load (LCL)

    -Rail Freight (full container load (FCL) & less-than-container load (LCL)



  • How about the services routes?

    Through FreightAmigo you can export and import goods across



    -Asia Pacific


    -the Middle East

    -the United States


    -Latin America

  • What kind of freight modal options are provided in sea freight?

    We provide different kinds of freight modal options for you, such as


    -Liquid bulk

    -Dry bulk






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  • How to arrange courier shipment?

    On FreightAmigo platform, you can arrange courier shipment in simple process.

    1. Choose “Express” & fill in shipment info
    2. Choose to ship “Document” or “Parcel”. If there are more than 1 packages and the size are different, you can click “Add” button to increase the number of packages.
    3. Click Search
    4. Choose favorable quote, click “Book”
    5. Choose the “Pick-up Date and Time”
    6. Enter Shipper and consignee info in Eng. Click “Save to Address Book” to save the contact. For next shipment, click “Address Book” and select contact for auto fill in.
    7. Input “Cargo Description”
    8. Select payment method and click “Book and Pay”
    9. Booking completed! Once the booking & payment are confirmed, download & print the tracking label here or at MyShipment section, even get it from your registered email!

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9-khYN-_ck

  • How can I book for a regular shipment?

    You can use Tailored Solution function to create a regular shipment request. We would provide different quotes from different services providers to you in a standardized format for your easy comparison.

  • Would you handle dangerous good shipment?

    Yes, you can create a request on Tailor Solution and mark this booking for a dangerous good. We would return the quotations for you shortly.

  • What is the use of the ‘My Shipment’ function and how to use this function?

    Under MyShipment, you can

    -manage all airfreight, sea freight and rail freight shipments on 1 screen;

    -tracking real-time shipment status;

    -centralize all shipping documents e.g. Packing List, Invoice, Shipment Instruction etc.

    My Shipment is real-time shipment updates available. It helps you to simplify the whole shipment processes.

  • How can I subscribe a free trial account?

    Only takes a minute for you to be FreightAmigo member and it doesn’t cost a thing. Click here to start your free trial Now!

  • What is FreightAmigo?

    FreightAmigo is the first one-stop supply chain finance platform that combines fintech and freightech to make trade easier. Whether business or individual clients need to send documents, parcels, and bulk goods to international relocation, clients can enjoy the following powerful functions:

    -Compare door-to-door freight quotes for international courier, airfreight, sea freight, rail freight and trucking solutions and book online

    -Track shipment status anytime anywhere (connects more than reputable 300 airlines and shipping lines)

    -Arrange customs clearance, cargo insurance, trade finance by 1stop

    -Automate shipment documents

    -24×7 logistics expert support

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  • What kind of quote currency is support?

    Rates may be submitted to FreightAmigo in any currency and will be converted to USD, CNY or HKD.

  • I didn't receive the account activation email. How can I activate my account?

    If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the email, please contact online customer service or email contactcs@freightamigo.com for further follow-up.

  • How can I get a quote?

    It’s simple and easy. You just need to origin, destination, cargo size, then we would auto generate a list of instant quotes for your comparison. Sign up for free and quote now!

  • Any special offer for members?

    Yes, you can enjoy our special freight offers after being FreightAmigo’s member, let’s say up to HKD20 discount offer for new members, periodically promotion on European shipments etc.

  • How to calculate the freight rate?

    Enter the size, quantity, and weight of the packing when searching quotes online, FreightAmigo will automatically calculate it for you. The freight charge will be calculated based on the “volume weight” or “actual weight” of the shipment, whichever higher.

  • How to track my shipments?
    1. Go to MyShipment” “Cargo Tracking & Documents” to track real-time.
    2. You may also use our Track and Tracetool, which connects to over 300 airline and shipping lines. Simply enter your shipment no. / airwaybill no. / container no. Tracking is no longer a time-consuming procedure!
  • How can I settle the payment?

    You can settle payment instantly by Paypal, credit card, FPS (by QR code). We also accept wire transfer –  please be reminded to upload payment receipt to our platform if you use wire transfer and it will take around 1 to 2 working days for our Finance Team to confirm your payment. You may find out more details in Terms and Conditions.

  • How to Register as FreightAmigo Business Member?

    Register as Business Member in 3 steps

    We understand that managing customer relationships and business development take up a lot of your time. That’s why we are here to lend a helping hand. Our user-friendly platform offers easy and efficient supply chain management services, saving you valuable time and costs. So, get started now to register as Business Member in just 3 steps!

    1. Sign Up as FreightAmigo Business Client

    sign up, freightamigo



    2. Fill out the Required Company Information

    fill in business info - freightamigo - business



    3. Upload your Company’s Registry Documents

    (Select “Company Overview” first; then choose “Submit Company Registry Documents”; fill out the necessary information and upload your company’s registry documents.)

    Upload company information, register business member, freightamigo


    Once your verification is complete, you will be rewarded with multiple shipping discount codes worth a grand total of HK$6,800!

    Keep an eye on your inbox for an email with all the exciting details upon successful registration. Sign Up Now for FREE.


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  • 如何登記成為商業會員

    簡單三步 即可登記成為商業會員

    中小企忙於與客戶關係和業務發展,無時間周圍格價?寄出貨物後又無時間了解貸運狀況?FreightAmigo 輕鬆省卻您供應鏈管理的煩惱,節省時間和成本。

    超值又可靠的國際門到門方案,盡在FreightAmigo ! 立即免費註冊,即可享受商業客戶會員優惠 !


    1. 免費註冊成為FreightAmigo商業客戶




    2. 填妥相關帳戶資料




    3. 上傳公司的商業登記證


    上傳公司的商業登記證 FreightAmigo







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  • 如何登记成为商业客户

    简单三步 即可登记成为商业客户


    超值又可靠的国际供应链管理方案,一切尽在 FreightAmigo ! 免费註册成为平台客户,即可享受商业客户会员优惠 !


    1. 免费註册成为平台商业客户

    登记并成为商业客户 FreightAmigo



    2. 填妥相关公司资料



    3. 上传公司的商业登记证




    一经认证将于电子邮件收到多张总值 HK$6,800 运费优惠码。





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  • Need Further Assistance?

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ, feel free to contact us.