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Simplify the FBA logistics to empower Amazon sellers
Exceptional Visibility for Your Shipments
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Competitive Real-Time Freight Rate
Easily compare air, ocean, and trucking instant freight quotes to global fulfillment centers. Find competitive rates that offer a balance of affordable pricing and efficient transit times. Ship directly to Amazon Fulfillment locations worldwide, including specific Amazon warehouses or appointed locations ensuring smooth delivery.
Simplify the FBA logistics to empower Amazon sellers
Using our tailored solution to streamline your workflow and be compliant with FBA requirements. Simplify inventory replenishment through efficient processes like palliation and labeling. Our Amigo Network ensures timely drop-off appointments at Amazon fulfillment centers, catering to businesses of all sizes.
Exceptional Visibility for Your Shipments
We understand the importance of maintaining in-stock inventory and meeting on-time delivery for Amazon Sellers. Make use of our user-friendly logistics management platform to easily track, receive live updates, and resolve issues promptly for your shipments to Amazon warehouses, all through trusted providers.
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What is Amazon FBA?
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program that lets you to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon. This ecommerce fulfillment option is part of a fully automated set services we call Supply Chain by Amazon. With FBA, Amazon stores, picks, packs, ships, and delivers the products to customers.
What is an FBA seller?
An FBA seller is an ecommerce business that sells in Amazon’s store and outsources inventory management to Amazon through the FBA program. The seller sends products to Amazon warehouses for order fulfillment. Amazon stores the inventory until a customer places an order. Then Amazon picks, packs, and ships the order.
What is "fulfillment"?
Fulfillment is the process of storing, packing, and shipping orders, as well as handling returns and exchanges. Some businesses manage fulfillment in-house, while others use a service like Fulfillment by Amazon or some combination of in-house and third-party options. Effective, reliable fulfillment delights customers.