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In recent years, many Hong Kong people have gone abroad for studying/working holiday… Popular countries include the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan etc. When living abroad, you must face the moment of home sick!

FreightAmigo has always received inquiries from customers to ship instant noodles, dry food (red dates…), clothes, books, and documents… In daily chat, we found that many customers have questions about international courier / express services. For example, how to handle customs, how to write declaration documents…

Just ask FreightAmigo logistics quotation comparison platform for help! Once the online booking is completed, the courier staff will come to pick it up at your assigned date and time. Throughout the journey, customers can also track the latest shipment status online, which is convenient and reliable!

Read the following simple demonstration:

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Register for free then login FreightAmigo platform, input the origin and destination. Select “Parcel” and enter your cargo info, click “Search”.

FreightAmigo supports door-to-door service, so convenient and fast.”


FreightAmigo will list out the transparent prices and transit time from different courier service providers according to the info you entered. You can directly view the cheapest price. After selecting your favorite quote, you can click “Book”.

If your parcel is urgent, you can select “Fastest” and check for the shortest transit time quote.

The courier staff will directly pick-up your parcel at your assigned address e.g. home, office. Bad weather is no longer an obstacle for shipping!

“1 click to quote, 1 click to compare!”

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After filling the related info, i.e. pick-up date+time, you can select the payment method and place the order instantly.

***Reminder: Filling in e.g. Gift in the cargo description is not clear enough for customs clearance, especially for shipment containing multiple products. The following example is for your reference:

You will receive a confirmation email from FreightAmigo after finishing your payment. You can download and print out the Tracking Label & Invoice at MyShipment section and your email. Print out the documents, stick them on the noticeable place of your shipment, and wait for the courier’s pick-up.

Don’t forget! You can track your shipment on 1 platform~

FreightAmigo allows you to track shipments of different courier service providers online, such as DHL, UPS and Aramex. You only need to enter the reference/tracking no. to review the status updates.

FreightAmigo saves your time & cost! If you are interested, directly visit FreightAmigo website and search freight quotation or use the green icon “Amigo Chat” for connecting cs support.

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