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There are many professional terms used in trade/logistics planning. Among them, ETD, ETA, ATD and ATA are important to determine the time of arrival and departure of the goods, so as to ensure smooth trading.

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FreightAmigo’s track and trace function connected with over 300 airlines and shipping lines, which client can get the latest shipment status updates via the platform. Let’s have a look at the meaning of ETD, ETA, ATD & ATA:

ETD ( estimated Time of Departure):

Frequently used to forecast the day and time when a ship or aircraft should leave a port or airport. It may be the anticipated dispatch time of the cargo ship or the anticipated dispatch time of the shipper’s cargo. ETD gives consumers and freight forwarders information on the departure of products from airports or ports so they may start tracking the status of shipments.

ETA( Estimated Time of Arrival) :

Used to estimate the ship’s or aircraft’s arrival time and date. In a brief, it can be used to alert clients when a cargo is anticipated and to estimate how much longer an aircraft, vessel, or vehicle has to travel to get there.

Although ETA is a phrase related to transportation, it may also be used to estimate the length of time needed to finish a work, roughly estimating the duration of an airplane, boat, or train.

remaining distance÷ previously measured speed = Approximate arrival time of plane/boat/train

* External factors like severe weather and emergencies are excluded.


ATD (Actual Time of Departure) :

The actual dispatch time of the ship or aircraft serves as the representation. The time of reception can also be referred to as ATD in logistics.


ATA (Actual Time of Arrival) :

Ts used to define when the products really arrive and is the reverse of ATD.

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Where can we see ETA/ ETD?

The booking confirmation sent by the ocean carrier or freight forwarder typically includes estimated departure and arrival timings. It is an acknowledgement of the items’ ship booking (or any other mode of transport).

How do ETA/ETD calculate? 

A number of variables, including vessel timetables, maintenance breaks, and well-known situations in specific ports, such as labor disputes, berthing congestion, etc., affect ETA/ETD predictions.

The importance of ETA/ETD :

Forecasting inventories requires precise delivery times. The demand for the company’s inventory at a specific point in the future is predicted through inventory forecasting. Forecasting information is derived using information like as current inventory, sales and demand, lead times for inventories, and other variables. While lead times are a significant key performance indicator (KPI) measure for supply chain and logistics firms, precise and current data helps develop accurate projections.

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