Relocation Case Study – Doubled Charges Difference In The Market? Ship Smarter!

Author Name: Dion Suen – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo

Many people have begun to arrange for overseas immigration & relocation i.e. popular countries such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Do you have trouble selecting a logistics company? There are many different moving companies in the market, you may have to search one by one and wait for a long time for quotation. Have you ever thought about: the charge can be more than doubled in an inquiry? Take a look at the following case study now, FreightAmigo teaches you the smartest way to ship!

FreightAmigo investigated the preliminary quotations of 20 overseas moving companies:
Case: Shatin, Hong Kong to London, United Kingdom | 20 ordinary cartons each 15kg | 45x45x60cm

Top 5 considerations for moving overseas

We found that the freight quotations obtained ranged from approximately HKD11,900 to 24,500, the difference was doubled! In general, we have also summarized a few aspects that consumers are more likely to confuse:

1. Range of services included in freight quote vary

In the quotation details, in addition to freight, does it include customs clearance, taxes, warehousing, stairs and large objects handling fees, etc.? Since the fees of the traditional relocation are not completely transparent in the industry, many people simply don’t know how to compare quotations, and they may cause their budget expectation differences when they make the final payment.

2. Hidden minimum charges

Different companies have different charge standards, some will be calculated based on the number of cartons, and some will be calculated based on cubic meters. If you don’t need to move too many items (such as a few boxes of sundries/a few large pieces of furniture), and the minimum unit is not reached, you may need to pay the extra cost.

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3. List of restricted items vary

The items that Company A cannot ship do not mean that Company B cannot send them. Can the logistics service you choose fully meet your requirements? It is difficult for consumers to compare multiple suppliers on their own, and even if they compare, it takes a very long time. Therefore, it is very important that the logistics company can provide you professional support.

4. Unclear packing and handling details

Which packaging is more suitable for your goods? How to pack? Will packaging materials be provided for free? Items needed to be discarded? Contain any dangerous goods? Surcharge for relocation on public holidays? The quotations and services of each logistics company are different. As a consumer, you must understand them clearly to avoid disputes.

5. Cargo Insurance – Damage and Compensation

The relocation package may not include fully covered insurance. If an accident occurs during the transport process, some logistics companies may only be liable for compensation of only 20%-30% of the cost. Asking consumers to compare the available cargo insurance services is another time-consuming and laborious process.

Moving overseas creates trouble for many people. From obtaining and comparing quotations to arranging logistics in detail, it may be difficult for you to get the most suitable moving plan. In the end, extra money is spent.

By the way, we would like to mention a misconception that customers often have: sea freight must be cheaper by airfreight! In fact, depending on the origin/destination, weight/dimensions of the goods, shipping date, etc., sometimes air freight will be cheaper than sea freight, and it will be faster to deliver to the destination! Most traditional logistics companies have their own transportation methods, so the logistics solutions provided are relatively inelastic, and you may also bear the minimum cost!

FreightAmigo fully understands the needs of customers. According to your relocation request, the platform will suggest the most suitable solution for you so that you can compare and book online at a glance. If you have other service requirements (cargo insurance, packaging, warehousing, etc.), our logistics specialists can also customize a moving plan for you:

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