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Launched in Hong Kong since 1991, Microsoft HK is a global provider of computer software, services and solutions and has built a local IT ecosystem with partners to help individuals and businesses reach their potential and enhance Hong Kong's competitive advantage.

Selected Partner Programs & Events

【Microsoft for Startups Program】

Microsoft for Startups Program is a global program dedicated to helping B2B startups scale their companies through technology enablement and go-to-market support. As the first batch invited startup of the program, FreightAmigo will utilize Microsoft Azure technology to further expand our business in Southeast Asia and Europe, which includes:

  • AI automatically calculates instant point-to-point international freight routes
  • Form Recognizer-identify all types of freight documents
  • AI chatbot cooperates with Microsoft Teams to optimize customer experience in different languages

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Relevant Media Coverage:

【PC Market】

與科學園合作 微軟全球支援創業公司計劃終於到香港


【Headline Daily】

科技園與Microsoft合作扶持本港初創公司 聚焦航運零售和物聯網等


【Bastille Post】

科技園與Microsoft香港合作 協助初創加速成長拓展市場


【Line Today】

科技園與Microsoft合作扶持本港初創公司 聚焦航運零售和物聯網等


【Tech Ritual】

香港科技園公司與Microsoft香港攜手合作 共同培育初創 協助加速成長進入市場


【Sing Tao Daily】


【Headline Daily】


【Hong Kong Economic Times】
科技園夥微軟香港 助初創解難


【Hong Kong Economic Journal】
微軟助科技園初創覓商機 首進駐香港 攻零售金融物聯網


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