Author Name: Dion Suen – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo

FreightAmigo as a one-stop supply-chain eMarketplace integrated with HSBC Smart Solution, which enables logistics and banks to be one-stop, breaks through the tradition, and becomes the backing of SMEs, making SMEs more Work SMART!

Believe that many people find FreightAmigo when browse the HSBC website recently. Our service has been connected to HSBC’s innovative platform-HSBC Smart Solution, and launched smart solutions to fully support SMEs and solve trade pains point, so that SME customers can more easily, quickly, and effectively ship cargos all over the world, promote global trade and accelerate business development.

STEP 1: Register and log in to the “HSBC Smart Solution” account

First enter HSBC Smart Solution, and then “log in” to your HSBC Business Internet Banking account. For customers who do not have an account, click “Register for Internet Banking” at the top right of the interface to register immediately, and then log in to go to “HSBC Smart Solution”.

STEP 2: Choose FreightAmigo service in the toolbox

Then select the toolbox, select the grid that shows the FA logo in the toolbox, and the page for obtaining instant quotation and comparison will pop up.

FreightAmigo connects with 300+ logistics providers to provide you with international express, air, sea, rail and truck services, with a service network covering 250+ countries and regions in one platform.

From documents and packages to entire cabinets, we can provide you with corresponding quotations and services in real time, helping you manage all international trade, simplify logistics services, and provide professional customs clearance and freight insurance!

STEP 3: Get a quotation

Fill in the simple information on the form, and then click “Search” to obtain and compare freight quotes in real time. You can also quickly check the lowest or fastest freight plan in the sorting method column. When you see a suitable plan, click “Place order now” enter to our platform.


STEP 4: Register and log in to FreightAmigo account

Log in to your FreightAmigo account. If you haven’t registered, you can quickly open a FreightAmigo account by just taking a minute to fill in simple personal information. Once logged in, the account will be automatically linked to your “HSBC Smart Solution”. When you check the freight quotes on “HSBC Smart” again, you can save the login process.


STEP 5: Pay and book freight service

After logging in, the system will automatically fill in the shipping information just provided to the search page, and then click “Search”. When you see a suitable plan, you can immediately pay for online booking and arrange your shipment in just 4 minutes, compared with the traditional booking process, it can save up to 240 hours.