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Many customers wonder, why can’t I send alcohol hand sanitizer? When I ask the logistics service provider about the arrangement, they request for a MXXX report…


3 must-dos before shipping DG goods:

1) Ask the suppliers for cargo content details and required documents

2) Consult logistics service providers’ guidelines

3) Pack and label the items appropriately

You may not have noticed that you are sending dangerous goods! The MSDS report is as important to you, the courier staff, the recipient, other shipments or the environment as a mask under the COVID-19!

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a vital report which listed the physical and chemical properties of the cargo materials. Logistics company will make special delivery and storage arrangements according to different circumstances.

As a shipper, false declarations, wrong packaging and inappropriate handling of dangerous goods can be fined $ 250,000 and imprisoned for two years!

If you are not sure whether the consignment is in the category of dangerous goods, you should obtain the report from distributor or manufacturer.


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Learn more tips about dangerous goods:

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