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A special identification code called an “Amazon Reference ID” is what Amazon uses to identify and keep track of things like orders, transactions, and goods. Additionally, uses it to specifically identify shipments to FBA warehouses. Let’s learn more about the significance and purpose of Amazon Reference ID with FreightAmigo and Make Trade Easier!

What is an Amazon Reference ID? 

“Amazon Reference ID” is a special number Amazon uses to find stuff like products and orders. It’s unique and helps Amazon keep track of lots of information. The Amazon Reference ID is formatted as a string of alphanumeric characters (letters + numbers). If you tell Amazon your Reference ID, their customer service can quickly find your order and help you out. For Amazon sellers, Reference ID is important too because it helps them keep track of their products and orders and makes things work better for customers.

 How to find the Reference ID/Shipment ID

  1. Copy the FBA Shipment ID (FBAXXXXXX).
  2. Navigate to the shipment list within your Seller Central account.
  3. In the list, you will find a reference ID assigned to each shipment.
  4. To view the shipment details, click on the respective shipment, and you will find the reference ID at the top of the page.

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Can you use Amazon Reference ID for tracking? 

Actually, Amazon Reference ID is not a tracking number, but customer service can use it to look up your order history. To track a package, you still need the tracking number provided by Amazon when you made the purchase, which is usually found in your account records or shipping confirmation email.

What is Amazon FBA ID? 

“Amazon Fulfillment” (Fulfillment by Amazon, FBA) is an important service offered by Amazon that can effectively boost the ranking of a cross-border e-commerce seller’s products in Amazon searches while also assisting sellers of any size with managing logistics in local markets. The FBA ID, which is used to track inventory and orders for products fulfilled by Amazon, is a code that is usually printed on the product’s packaging or label.

FAQ Section

1. Can I find the Reference ID on Amazon shipping labels?

No . Only the FBA ID will be shown on the shipping labels

2. How do I use My Shipment Reference ID?

Once you make a purchase, a unique shipment reference ID is assigned to your order. This ID is used to track the progress of your item during the delivery process. You can locate your shipment reference ID in your account history or shipping confirmation email. If there is a delay in the shipment, you can contact customer support and provide them with the shipment ID from the email to track your package. Additionally, you can utilize the tracking system provided by the shipping company by entering this reference ID to monitor the status of your package.

3. How to track an amazon order with the Reference ID

The Reference ID cannot be used for tracking purposes as it is distinct from the tracking number. A tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to your package at the time of purchase, enabling you to track its progress. Conversely, an Amazon Reference ID is a random number assigned to each customer and order for internal purposes.