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After conducting the immigration application for the whole family, the next step is to arrange for overseas relocation. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the following a brief step by step guide, FreightAmigo shares the easiest way to overseas moving with you!

Step 1 – Get your Online Quotation

The whole process of overseas moving usually takes 2 to 3 months. Before choosing a logistics company, it is best to understand your needs first, and count how many items need to be moved for obtaining accurate quotations.

There are two quotation methods in the market. Traditional overseas moving companies prefer to ask for direct door-to-door quotations. This method takes time to replace and cost manual staff. Another option is the logistics
pricing platform. Customers only need to provide the quantity, size and weight of the items, and they can quickly get multiple quotations.

Different logistics companies have different charge standards, some will be calculated based on the number of cartons, and some will be calculated based on cubic meters. If you don’t need to move too many items (such as a few boxes of sundries/a few large pieces of furniture), and the minimum unit is not reached, you may need to pay the extra cost.

In the quotation details, in addition to freight, does it include customs clearance, taxes, warehousing, stairs and large objects handling fees, etc.? Since the fees of the traditional relocation are not completely transparent in
the industry, many people simply don’t know how to compare quotations, and they may cause their budget expectation differences when they make the final payment.

Step 2 – Packing and List of restricted items vary

To make sure your international move goes smoothly, it’s important that you have to communicate clearly with your logistics company before start packing your items:

  1. Will boxes and packaging materials be delivered to you?
  2. Will professional and independent packaging (such as wooden boxes) be arranged for large and small furniture?
  3. How to pack fragile objects and musical instruments?
  4. Are there any surcharges for dismantling or disposing of items?

The services covered by each logistics company are different. Choose a logistics pricing platform that can provide you with professional packaging services and advice, making your moving days easier.

In addition, can the logistics company keep up with the latest information on restricted and prohibited items in various regions, and help you declare and screen items in advance? If any prohibited items are found to be transported or the contents of the items are not truthfully declared, it will not only delay the customs clearance process, but also have the chance to be fined by the local customs or levied additional fees.

The process of moving overseas is complicated and stressful, it is difficult for consumers to compare multiple suppliers on their own in a short period of time. If you want to arrange overseas relocation more easily and quickly, you may wish to consider a logistics pricing platform.

Step 3 – Book your collection

After packing all the items, the logistics company will pick up the items according to the scheduled time. Please note that some o logistics companies will have holiday collection surcharges. If the collection date is changed, remember to communicate first.

After the collection day, the logistics company will make arrangements according to your situation. For example, storage, professional packaging or disinfection treatment, customs declaration procedures, and so on. Usually,
experienced logistics pricing platforms will customize the most comprehensive and preferential plan for you, so you don’t have to worry about other cumbersome logistics details.

Step 4 – International Delivery

Is there a way to know the latest status of the shipment during the delivery period? Traditional overseas moving companies may not provide this feature, because their whole processes just rely on manual updated, so you may have to check and wait for a reply. Actually, the logistics pricing platform on the market has more intelligent functions. In many cases, there will be automated emails to remind you of the latest developments in freight, and the tracking function allows you to grasp the location of the goods anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient.

Your items will undergo customs clearance when they arrive at the new destination. Your logistics company is usually in charge of helping your items get through customs clearance properly, so you’ll want a good logistics company who does things the honest way and knows the ins and outs of the customs office.

Step 5 – Delivery to your new address

Remember to double check the date and time of your arrival there before confirming the delivery with your logistics company. Logistics companies can meet your requirements and arrange home delivery according to the specified time, so that you don’t have to worry about the transportation, storage and other logistics details at that time.

Moving internationally can be a real adventure, the process of moving everything you own to another country can be overwhelming. We hope that the above process teaching will give you a clearer idea and direction. How can you move safely and smartly? Follow FreightAmigo’s overseas moving tips!

FreightAmigo fully understands the needs of customers. According to your relocation request, the platform will suggest the most suitable solution for you so that you can compare and book online at a glance. If you have other service requirements (cargo insurance, packaging, warehousing, etc.), our logistics specialists can also customize a moving plan for you:

Simply sit at home and let the FreightAmigo team help you complete your overseas move by one stop!
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