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As long as you successfully provide a quotation from other company, you will enjoy a 3% off freightage discount* base on that quotation!

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FreightAmigo Overseas Relocation Services:

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  • Expert support Full support on packaging, taxation, and customs clearance for overseas moving
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For immigration, relocation is one of the most time-consuming and complicated steps. From asking quotations from different logistics companies, packing personal clothes, furnishings, furniture, etc., to the actual pick-up and delivery procedures…… Due to insufficient understandings, people often spend extra effort and money on these steps. FreightAmigo international freight price competitive platform would be the best choice for you! Never gonna miss the following immigration reminders:

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1. How to choose a suitable transportation method?

International logistics firms in the market would generally arrange your relocation by sea, yet, is it really the most suitable method for you? In fact, the public generally believe that shipping by sea will definitely be cheaper than by air, so they would choose to ship by sea which takes longer transit time. However, it may not be 100% correct!

Depending on the origin/destination, weight/dimensions of the parcels, as well as cargo ready date, sometimes, air freight would be cheaper than sea freight, and it will be delivered to the destination faster! Being unfamiliar with freight calculations and want to save time on pricing? Just enter your cargo information on FreightAmigo platform, you can compare multiple real-time couriers, air, and sea logistics solutions online!

2. How to arrange customs clearance? Calculation of international tax charges?

To book via FreightAmigo platform, our guests only need 1-CLICK to arrange customs clearance and even cargo insurance.

Duties and VAT are not excluded from FreightAmigo’s online quotations. As long as the actual amount of duties are required to be reviewed by the local customs at the destination, but we can still provide an estimated amount based on the information provided, such as product type, cargo value, etc.

***Except in the case of immigration, if the shipper can provide immigration-related documents and certificates, various countries have tax exemption or reduction of taxes and other duties! If it is a new immigrant application, you may wish to consult FreightAmigo customer service for details~

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3. How to pack the shipment?

Want to deliver your parcels safely and quickly to the destination? For packaging, you may refer to the following tutorials:

General products, such as books, clothes, and toys need to be packed by clients.

  • When packing the items, make sure to number the boxes, and list the details and quantity of items within the box, and put the same kind of goods in the same box if possible
  • Choose boxes with suitable size, too large or too small will cause damage to the packaging during transportation
  • Use different buffer materials to strengthen cargo protection e.g. wrap glass products and ceramics with bubble paper
  • Fill the gaps in the box e.g. sponge, bubble paper
  • Do not use newspapers and other news publications as packaging materials
  • Put relevant stickers on the boxes that require special handling e.g.

  • The furniture and sundries would be sent separately e.g. empty the bookcase, make sure that there are no books or stationery in the drawer

***It may be difficult for customers to provide the size and weight of those large furniture. In addition to providing photos for estimation, FreightAmigo can also arrange for a dedicated person to visit and measure them for you. For packaging, FreightAmigo would help make arrangement and provide quotation. For example, pianos are usually packed in wooden boxes to improve transportation safety.

4. Will different housing types affect the quotation?

Will do. Does the residence have elevators/ stairs/general buildings or detached houses? The above conditions will affect the calculation of quotation!

5. Is there any storage service?

Many customers may not have the exact address when inquiring about the quotation. FreightAmigo can provide Hong Kong and overseas warehousing services according to your cargo information, storage time and needs.

6. Are there any prohibited and restricted items?

The customs restrictions and prohibited items in each country are different. Do not pack prohibited items such as drugs and food into your parcels, causing delays in customs clearance, and even fines, handling or administrative fees.
***Attention! Immigrating to the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the countries belong to the European Union, if the transported items contain wood such as wooden cabinets, wooden boxes, etc., they would need to be fumigated and you would need to provide a certificate importing them. FreightAmigo can provide related fumigating services, so to relieve your worries about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact FreightAmigo customer service directly!

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For general parcels, you can refer to:

Tutorial For Amigo – How To Send Parcel To Your Family?

Want to get a customized immigration removal plan from FreightAmigo? Leave the relevant information, our professional team will contact you shortly:

As long as you successfully provide a quotation from other company, you will enjoy a 3% off freightage discount* base on that quotation!

Terms and Conditions:
*Offer is only applicable to FreightAmigo members.
* To participate in this promotion, customers must provide a valid logistics company freight quotation. The quotation must specify the company name of the service provider and the quotation date. Eligible quotation is the valid quotation that formulated by other service provider companies up to 30 days before the date of participation in this promotion.
*Offer is valid until further notice by FreightAmigo.
*Offer is only applicable to the quotation of overseas relocation services. All final charges are based on FreightAmigo Services Limited’s online system.
*Offer does not apply to any previous order.
* Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash or credit.
*If the customer provides more than one quotation from another company, FreightAmigo will take the quotation with the lowest price as reference.
*Customer can submit quotation from other companies up to 2 times.
*If there are any differences or changes in service details, the final service fee will be adjusted.
*FreightAmigo Services Limited reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time, and also can adjust the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
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