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Author Name: Emma Hau – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo

Mainland vegetables supply in Hong Kong has been disrupted since early February due to the shortage of cross-border truck drivers.   Some of them had been diagnosed with covid 19 while some were sent to quarantine facilities, causing a severe shortage of truck drivers and stalling the transport of goods to Hong Kong.  Apart from fresh produce, non-essential goods delivery was also affected.  At this difficult time, FreightAmigo managed to arrange a door-to-door delivery for our client within a week.  25 tons of electronic parts were sent from their Shenzhen base to their manufacturers in the Middle East and India.

Government of Guangdong tightened the anti-epidemic and health management measures on cross-border truck drivers starting from January this year.  The efficiency of border crossings was further lowered after growing number of confirmed cases among truck drivers since Chinese New Year.  Vegetable deliveries had greatly reduced and driven up the price of fresh produce in Hong Kong for weeks.  Together with the latest health management measures in effect on 1st March, cross-border transport disruption is likely to carry on in the coming days.

Current closed road permit border restrictions do not only affect fresh produce delivery, but also other non-essential goods.  A tech enterprise in mainland was planning to deliver electronics parts to their manufacturers in the Middle East and India.  However, due to current border disruption, they could not arrange land transport delivery service between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  The enterprise then appointed FreightAmigo to seek a logistics solution as soon as possible.  Within a week, 25 tons of electronic parts were delivered all the way from Shenzhen to manufacturers in India and the Middle East.

25 tons of electronic parts are ready for delivery!
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Visible and Dynamic Supply Chain Information

Although Hong Kong and Shenzhen are facing severe shortage in cross-border truck drivers, FreightAmigo is an expert in trading and logistics industry.  We have a strong network with over 300 logistics service providers and database with real-time logistics information.  When the enterprise invited FreightAmigo to come up with a logistics solution for their electronic parts, our AI routing technology considered both shipment requirement and real-time freight information in our database.  This could ensure our recommended freight solution is always efficient and reliable.

With visible and dynamic supply chain information, we arranged a truck delivery service between their Shenzhen base and Hong Kong International Airport.  Within 24 hours, the truck arrived at their base for pickup, and in a few hours’ time, the electronic parts were delivered to Hong Kong, waiting for transit.

Last batch of electronic parts arrived in Hong Kong!
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Flexible and Comprehensive Logistics Arrangement

93 pallets of electronic parts, weighing over 25 tones, this was a lot for one single shipment, especially when logistics service is severely disrupted at the moment.  After considering the freight availability and shipment due dates, FreightAmigo divided the 25 tones cargo into three parts.  All three trucks dispatched from Shenzhen on different days but all managed to catch their flights at Hong Kong airport.  The first batch of electronic parts arrived at India on 28th February, only five days after the request.  Apart from the logistics services, FreightAmigo also handled custom clearance, shipping document and trade finance for our client in this shipment.

Electronic parts arrived at India on 28th February!
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Freight quotation can take up to 3 to 7 working days, but with FreightAmigo, we could complete the entire door-to-door freight solution in only a week.  Amid land transport disruption between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, we managed to complete freight arrangement for our clients in 6 days.  They showed appreciation to our prompt service as the electronic parts were delivered to their manufacturers worldwide right on schedule.


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