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Author Name: Emma Hau – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo

Since the outbreak of covid, FreightAmigo has delivered tons of anti-pandemic materials over the globe, including masks, sanitizers, protective gears for our clients.  In the first quarter of 2022, we are busy with medical logistics arrangement.  We have delivered large amount of self-test kits to Hong Kong to meet the growing demand for rapid testing, help suppressing the worst coronavirus outbreak to date; 300 million self-test kits were also delivered to Berlin on Charter carrier to meet their covid home tests strategy.  This reveals that medical logistics for anti-pandemic materials has become more and more popular recently and FreightAmigo has more to share.

Millions of Anti-Pandemic Materials Delivered to Italy

Italy was the first European country who suffer massive outbreak of Covid therefore it was not prepared for the diseases and result in rapid spread of covid throughout the country.  Over 130 million confirmed cases were found, mostly found in the northern region, including Lombardy, Torino and Trento.  The country had a desperate need over medical supplies.

When Italy was undergoing a difficult time, FreightAmigo arranged a couple of medical logistics order for medical institutions in Italy.  1 million personal protective gears were sent via charter flight from Tianjin, China; 5 million oximeters were also delivered from China; and millions of anti-pandemic materials such as safety goggles, surgical masks, gloves were sent to different regions in Italy via FreightAmigo.

1 million protective gears ready to depart!


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Hundreds of boxes of safety goggles were ready for pick-up!


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Cold Chain Logistics Solution for Self-test Kits

Covid test kits demand continues to grow so manufacturers speed up their production line to meet the market demand.  There are many types of self-test kits and some require cold chain logistics solution.  Specially designed freezing containers are used to keep these anti-pandemic materials between -25 and -15 degree Celsius.  This temperature guideline can ensure test kits reach their destinations without losing effectiveness, preventing the possibility of ‘false-negative’ results.

A German enterprise appointed FreightAmigo to arrange a medical logistics solution for them.  With our cold chain logistics solution, 4000 boxes of self-test kits arrived in Germany, safe and sound.

Conducting delivery inspection over self-test kits.


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Anti-Pandemic Materials Delivered to Africa

Pandemic imposes extra burden on the already fragile healthcare system among African countries.  Apart from poor quality of care and shortage of health professionals, they were also facing insufficient anti-pandemic materials and vaccines, further impairing the healthcare crisis.  An average of 48.2% death for critically ill patients who went into intensive care in African countries and 31.5% in other continents.

FreightAmigo arranged two medical logistics solution in the African continent.  1 million surgical masks were delivered to Ivory Coast and Cameroon.  Our client could therefore ensure their employees in those branch offices were equipped with protective gears during work.

Loading boxes of anti-pandemic materials onto trucks.


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And soon they will be loaded on the charter flight!


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FreightAmigo has arranged medical logistics frequently, delivering over 700 million anti-pandemic materials over the globe, including 400 million surgical masks, 200 million self-test kits and 100 million protective gears.  FreightAmigo encountered multiple supply chain disruptions before making medical logistics possible and easier for our clients.


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