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Author Name: Tiffany Lee – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo|21/7/2022

American Journal of Transportation (AJOT) recently announced the 2021 Top 100 container ports in the world. Shanghai ranks 1st with over 47 million TEUs. Followed by container ports in Singapore and Ningbo-Zhoushan with 37.5 million and 31.08 million TEUs respectively. Hong Kong is in 9th place with around 17.77 million TEUs in this continer ports ranking.

The AJOT report stated that despite Covid-19 lockdowns, port operations disruptions, sanctions and tariffs, container port TEUs have greatly increased. Compared with 2019 container ports ranking, Shanghai added 3.72 million TEUs, while Hong Kong dropped 530,000 TEUs. Data collected by AJOT shows that most container ports worldwide were experiencing an increase in throughput. According to AJOT’s study, huge container ports or regional centers are expanding quickly. By 2023, Shanghai is likely to be the only port in the world with 50 million TEUs.

Due to the recent expansion of Southeast Asian industry and trade, Singapore has become the world’s number two container port. On the far western side of the island, the mega Tuas Mega Port terminal is under construction and is expected to be finished between 2025 and 2027. When completed, it will rank first in the container ports ranking and able to handle almost 65 million TEUs annually.

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