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(Left: Ivy Tse , Middle: Christine Ong, Right: Alex Szeto)

(September 28, Hong Kong) FreightAmigo, a one-stop supply chain finance platform, has integrated with HSBC’s business management platform – HSBC Smart Solution to offer digital logistic services that assist SMEs in different businesses with innovation & technology. FreightAmigo is Asia’s pioneering international supply chain PaaS (platform as a service). Leveraging logistic technology applications and digital logistic process, the platform provides SMEs with one-stop, real-time comparison and booking of air freight, sea freight, rail freight, courier and trucking solutions. It also arranges cargo insurance and custom clearance to help accelerate information flow across the industry and enhance the cashflow of customers. By tackling the problems that traditional trading faces, including heavy reliance on administrative work and the lack of transparency, FreightAmigo provides full support to resource-constrained SMEs and fosters the matching of trade ecosystem with leading technology.

Connecting logistics and banking to help SMEs work smart

A large number of procedures are involved in international trade and logistics. With FreightAmigo, simply enter shipment requirements and compare worldwide air, sea, land logistic solutions with just one click. To streamline SMEs operations, FreightAmigo is collaborating with HSBC to provide trade solutions for a large pool of SMEs customers with a one-stop supply chain finance eMarketPlace. The Freight quotes and comparisons of FreightAmigo will be accessible directly on HSBC Smart Solution to offer one-click, secured international shipping for SMEs. The platform has simplified complex logistics procedures to save labour and costs, while providing transparent logistics information.


This collaboration platform brings convenient, quick, one-stop supply chain finance experience for SMEs, steering adoption of digitalization within the industry. And it covers international logistics, finance and insurance, simplifying SMEs overall operation workload. SMEs will now be able to save cost and focus their resources on business development to improve competitiveness with zero burden.

FreightAmigo provides exclusive offers for HSBC Smart Solution users. Apart from enjoying the aforementioned smart eMarketPlace services, they are entitled to special shipping discount rates, up to HK$3,000 full bill waiver (please refer to the attachment for more details).

A breakthrough to back SMEs

To stand out under the new normal due to the pandemic, SMEs need to act immediately by digitalizing trade operations to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum resources. Ivy Tse, the founder and director of FreightAmigo, said: “FreightAmigo is based on the idea of leveraging technology to bring comprehensive, flexible trading experience as well as professional support to clients. It is our pleasure to work with HSBC, which marks a new milestone for us. We are delighted to help tackle supply chain management difficulties, especially for SMEs that have access to limited resources. We have made trading easier by enhancing the operational efficiency of corporates using technology applications.”

FreightAmigo will continue to apply cutting edge technology to streamline the trading industry. It hopes to join forces with more local and international companies to seek new business opportunities and help drive global trading development.

Appendix I: Product description

Discount offer




On every shipment’s total amount

Applicable for all transport modes

2 years validity upon account creation


Promo code x 10

Minimum freightage total amount of HKD6,000 or above

Freightage total amount does not include duties, taxes, customs charges or all surcharges and fees

HKD1,000 OFF

Promo code x 10

Minimum freightage total amount of HKD20,000 or above

Freightage total amount does not include duties, taxes, customs charges or all surcharges and fees

HKD3,000 OFF

Promo code x 10

Minimum freightage total amount of HKD95,000 or above

Freightage total amount does not include duties, taxes, customs charges or all surcharges and fees

About FreightAmigo
FreightAmigo by FreightAmigo Services Limited, is a ONE-STOP Digital Supply Chain Finance eMarketPlace pioneer in Asia. Its platform utilizes artificial intelligence, big data, FreighTech and FinTech to accelerate logistic, information and cash flow. FreightAmigo now facilitates the connection of all supply chain stakeholders, and contributes to the development of the logistics and financial sectors through the application of technology. And making trade easier.

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