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Apple’s new iPhone 13 series of mobile phones finally went on sale last week. It is believed that many people have already got the iPhone 13, some will choose to use it for themselves, and many will choose to send the new iPhone to their relatives and friends overseas. FreightAmigo recently received a large number of inquiries about the shipment of iPhone 13. I understand that you have many questions about international express delivery, such as: can I send an iPhone with lithium battery? Do I need an entrance permit? How many iPhones can I send each time?

Which international express company should I choose to send iPhones overseas from Hong Kong? Find FreightAmigo to compare the price!You can order in the same platform and track the documents online! Once the online reservation is completed, a specially assigned person will pick up the documents at your designated time. Customers can also track the latest status of the goods online, which is safe and convenient to send!

You can refer to the simple order placing steps if you need.

Simple Order Placing Steps

Step 1

Register for free: log in FreightAmigo Platform and fill in origin and destination in the page of instant quote. After choosing “Parcel”, you can enter other information of the goods, and click “search”.

Step 2

FreightAmigo will immediately list the freight options of different international express companies and the required transportation time for your comparison according to the cargo data you entered. Please note that each bill can only send two iPhones at most, and there is no need to prepare an import and export permit within the two iPhones. If the iPhone is not new, you can contact our customer service for more accurate shipping information. You can see the cheapest quotation immediately. After selecting the quotation of cardio, you can place an order by pressing “Book Now”. For urgent delivery, select “Fastest” in the sorting mode to see the quotation of the shortest transportation time. It is recommended to use UPS, TNT and DHL to ship the iPhone.

Step 3

Fill in the relevant mailing information, i.e., the date and time of delivery, and then select the payment method for online booking.
*When filling in the “cargo description”, filling in the detailed cargo description (e.g., iPhone 13 (Personal Use)) can make the transportation process smoother and avoid the cargo being detained by the customs.

After the payment, you will receive the confirmation email from FreightAmigo. You can also download the email from “my parcel”, and print the documents. You can take a look at the tutorial video of “How to Stick Shipping Documents” here.

More importantly! You can track the goods in a one-click way, which is safe and secure!

You can use FreightAmigo’s “Shipment Tracking” to check the latest status of DHL, UPS, FedEx and other international express companies’ shipments. Or you can immediately go to “My Shipment” to track the latest status of the shipment


Learn how to use FreightAmigo platform to save your time easily! If you are interested, you can try online quotation or use the green Icon “Amigo Chat” in the lower right corner to ask us for help!

In addition to your mobile phone, you may also want to send other electronic items. However, some logistics company may reject all products containing batteries. However, with FreightAmigo, some products containing batteries can also be sent. The following are the types and limitations of some batteries that can be sent.

1. Type of battery that can be sent

Products containing batteries may be sent, including but not limited to:

  • Mobile phone/laptop/tablet
  • Camera/electronic watch
  • Measuring equipment/medical equipment
  • Suspended skateboard/electric bicycle
  • Electric tools/UAVs/massage machines

2. Restrictions on sending mobile phones and electronic products to overseas/mainland China by international express

Different countries have different restrictions. For details, please contact FreightAmigo Express experts. However, the restrictions on shipping through FreightAmigo are usually related to the following:

  • Mobile power supply (urine bag/power pack), pure battery/pure battery cell cannot be sent
  • Delivery requirements for 1-2 mobile phones or other electronic products with a net battery weight less than 5kg:
    • The number of batteries in the package should not exceed 2, and should be installed in mobile phones or electronic products.
    • When packaging electronic products, use a solid outer layer, and use bubble paper and other protective materials to fill the space in the box.
    • After a successful appointment, please print the “Shipping Label” and “Commercial Invoice for Customs Declaration” in the email and submit them to the courier.
    • If FedEx express service is selected, a completed FedEx electronic product declaration form is required.
    • If UPS express service is selected, it is not necessary to fill in the declaration form, but it is necessary to prepare UN38.3 lithium battery test summary report when sending 2 or more electronic products
    • Fill in the POA case appointment form and attach a copy of the ID card to the courier.
  • Requirements for delivery of more than 3 mobile phones or other electronic products with a net battery weight of less than 5kg:
    • The package can contain more than 2 batteries, but you need to ensure that the packaging carton is printed with the UN3481 lithium battery mark, and fill in the sender’s contact number nearby.
    • Others are the same as above.

3. Sending mobile phone in Hong Kong – general precautions

  1. Understand battery category and required supporting documents from suppliers, such as MSDS Report (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  2. Consult the shipping company for guidance
  3. Properly package and label the shipment


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