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Due to the impact of the epidemic, many schools will use SF Express or post offices to mail books to cross-border students in mainland China to solve the problem that they cannot return to Hong Kong schools to attend classes. In addition, many mainland customers will buy books in Hong Kong and send them back to the mainland. The customer service team of FreightAmigo sometimes receives inquiries from Hong Kong customers on how to send books to Mainland China. In fact, most books can be sent to Mainland China, but if the content of the books involves some sensitive issues such as politics or religion, they maybe cannot be sent. If you are unsure whether your books can be sent to Mainland China, you can inquire with our customer service team first.

What are the ways to send books to Mainland China?

SF-Express send books to Mainland China

If you want to use SF Express to send books to mainland China, you can choose the “E-Shun Express” service. However, if the books are in urgent need, you can use the “SF Express” service; if you are an e-commerce customer, you can use the “Electronic Trademark Express” service; if you want to save shipping costs, you can use the “Land Parcel” service in the consolidated mode.


Freight/Charge Rules


Delivery Method


Suitable for documents and goods

Charges vary depending on destination and whether it is a document or non-document.
*Please inquire with customer service for details


Drop off at SF stores/

schedule free pick-up service


Suitable for personal items intended for the recipient's own use.
*Proof of recipient's identity and purchase invoice/online purchase screenshot need to be uploaded

Uniform national price:
First kg $48, additional weight (per 0.5kg) $7

Approximately 6-8 days

Drop off at SF stores /

schedule free pick-up service

E-Commerce Express

Suitable for cross-border e-commerce shipments, with lower tax rates and no fuel surcharges

Guangdong: First kg $22, additional weight (per 0.5kg) $6

Non-Guangdong: First kg $25, additional weight (per 0.5kg) $7

Please inquire with customer service for details

Customers need to drop off their shipments at the Tsing Yi transfer station. 

Hongkong Post send books to Mainland China

Most of the public will use Hongkong Post’s postal services to the mainland, including Speedpost service, air mail and flat mail. However, due to the influence of flight and shipping schedules, the shipping time of using the post office to send books to the mainland will become slower than usual. The standard delivery time for post office air mail is 8 to 18 working days; while the delivery standard for surface mail is 10 to 68 working days. Surface mail delivery takes a long time, and it is not suitable if the customer needs to pick up the package urgently.

Postage Cost

Weight limit

Delivery Time


Charges start from 50g, with a maximum fee of $75 (2kg)


7 – 14 working days


*Minimum quantity for mailing: 20 pieces

Every kg incurs a charge of $30, with an additional postage handling fee of $30


4 – 24 working days

Airmail envelope

First 30g $6.1 or first 50g $9.3.
For weight exceeding 50g

every additional 10g incurs a charge of $1.6


7 – 14 working days

Airmail parcel

First kg $215, additional weight (per 0.5kg) $10


8 – 18 working days

International express platform to send books to the mainland

In addition to SF Express and post offices, there are also many international express delivery platforms for customers to choose from. UPS, DHL, and FedEx also provide services for sending books to mainland China. Although the price is relatively higher, the delivery time is faster.

FreightAmigo offers a specialized express delivery service for sending packages from Hong Kong to Mainland China. We can also help you ship your books using other modes of transportation, such as air or sea. This allows us to provide you with more options and flexibility when it comes to shipping your books. Whether you need to send a single book or a large shipment, we can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.

Sending Books to Mainland China: Understanding the Book Mailing Policy

Before sending books to Mainland China, you need to understand the book mailing policy in Mainland China. The entry and exit regulations in Mainland China stipulate that each person can import items worth up to RMB 2,000 per month, and the weight of each package must not exceed 30 kilograms.

(1) Books with a quantity of 50 or less and deemed reasonable for personal use.
(2) Books with a quantity of more than 50, require D-class import declaration and cannot be imported as personal belongings.
(3) Item name: “Book: Title”
(4) Quantity: Number of sets and copies.
(5) Declared value: within RMB 800.

To better understand the book mailing policy and restrictions in Mainland China, it is recommended that you visit the website of the General Administration of Customs or the National Postal Service of China to inquire about the latest policies and restrictions.

Preparing to Send Documents

Before sending, you need to prepare the relevant documents and information, including the completed customs declaration form, your identification, book list, etc. Please note that you need to fill in the correct customs declaration form to pass smoothly through customs inspection.

FreightAmigo can help you with one-stop electronic customs declaration.

More express services from Hong Kong to Mainland China

The special line express service from Hong Kong to mainland China provides a variety of express delivery methods, mainly including express platform, air freight, and sea freight, and their differences are as follows:

  1.  Express platform: the fastest, usually 1-3 working days to reach the destination, but the freight is relatively high. In addition, express platforms have weight and volume restrictions. For example, the weight of each package generally does not exceed 30 kilograms, and the volume does not exceed 0.2 cubic meters.
  2.  Air freight: Faster, usually takes 5-7 working days to reach the destination, and the cost is more economical than the express platform. The weight and volume restrictions of air parcels are looser than those of express platforms, but there are still certain restrictions.
  3. Sea freight: The slowest speed, usually takes 2-4 weeks to reach the destination, but the cost is the most economical. Sea parcels have the loosest weight and volume restrictions, but due to the long shipping time, it is recommended not to send urgently needed items by sea.

It should be noted that the services and restrictions provided by different courier companies may be different. Users should carefully understand the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of various courier methods before choosing a courier method, to choose the most suitable delivery method for them.

Taxation Information for Sending Books from Hong Kong to the Mainland

Personal packages are also covered by Chinese tariffs. According to the relevant regulations on the entry and exit of personal items by post in Mainland China, the Mainland Customs will levy a “Postpost Tax” on items for personal use, but if the tax is less than RMB 50, the Customs will exempt it. In addition, the total limit of the items in the postal package is 800 yuan. If there is only one item and the value exceeds 800 yuan, there is an exception, and there is no need to pay tax.

Hong Kong Book Mailing Guide to Overseas

  1. Choose the right mailing service

    There are many different types of mailing services to choose from, including airmail, express, and registered mail, among others. You can choose the appropriate service based on your budget, delivery speed, and insurance requirements.

  2. Fill in sender and recipient addresses

    When filling in the address, be sure to ensure that the address is detailed and accurate, including the country, province, city, and postal code, among others. This helps ensure that the package is delivered accurately to its destination.

  3. Choose appropriate packaging materials

    To protect books from damage during transportation, it is recommended to use sturdy packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, foam, or bubble wrap.

  4. Pay postage and related fees

    Postage varies depending on the weight of the package, destination, and mailing service chosen. Please ensure to pay for postage and other related fees, such as insurance or customs fees.

  5. Provide contact information

    It is recommended to provide a contact phone number or email address on the package so that customs or mailing companies can easily contact you in case of any problems or delays.

With these shipping tips, you can ensure that your books are safely and timely delivered to their destination.

Are you looking to send books from Hong Kong to overseas?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to avoid taxes?

    You can indicate “personal belongings” or “gift” on the package to reduce the amount of taxes.

  2. How to handle returns?

    If you need to return the package, please contact the sender or the relevant courier company for more information.

Sending books to Mainland China requires careful preparation and understanding of relevant policies and restrictions. With this guide, you can gain a deeper understanding of Mainland China’s book mailing policy and restrictions and choose the appropriate shipping method.

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