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For arranging sea freight shipment, there is always a term “CBM” appears in the information or form. Do you know what is a CBM?


CBM – cubic meter is a volume that can be filled by your packed goods in the space limited by 100 cm wide, 100 cm in length and 100 cm in height. Also, this is the volume of a standard pallet.


For example, if the length, height and width of a cargo is 250 cm, 150 cm and 300cm respectively, the volume of cargo is 2.5 m X 1.5m X 3m = 11.25 CBM


Tips to save more time ?

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What fits in 1 CBM?

Let’s have a look at the examples below:

So, 1 container = How many CBM?


Container Type Length Width Height Capacity (CBM) Maximum (CBM)
20′ 589 cm 234 cm 238 cm 26-28 33
40′ 1200 cm 234 cm 238 cm 56-58 66
40′ HC (High Cube) 1200 cm 234 cm 269 cm 60-68 72
45′ HC (High Cube) 1251 cm 245 cm 269 cm 72-78 86

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