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Shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom U.K.

Shipping to

United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Latest Updated in February 2024

Overview of Shipping to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Shipping to United Kingdom from Hong Kong is an important and dynamic aspect of international trade. With Hong Kong serving as a key logistics and shipping hub in Asia, and U.K. being a significant consumer market, the shipping route between these two regions plays a vital role in connecting businesses and consumers.

Understanding the intricacies of shipping to U.K. from Hong Kong is essential for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and reliable transportation of goods across this popular trade route.

Shipping Options to United Kingdom from Hong Kong : How to choose?

Shipping to U.K. from Hong Kong can be done by air freight, sea freight, courier, or trucking services. Each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on various factors such as the size and weight of the shipment, delivery time, and cost.

Some key factors to consider when shipping to U.K. from Hong Kong include:

Size & weight of shipment: Courier is suitable for small shipments; FCL shipping is better for bulk shipping, while LCL shipping is more appropriate for smaller packages.

Costs: Air freight is generally more expensive than sea freight, but it is faster. Fuel costs for air freight are also higher than those for sea freight.

Weather conditions: Incidents such as storms and hurricanes could alter the shipping route.

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Air Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Air freight is considerably faster than sea freight, with goods reaching their destination in a matter of days rather than several weeks or months. It is ideal for urgent shipments or perishable goods that require fast delivery. Additionally, air shipping involves minimal handling of items, making it one of the safest shipping options.

Yet shipping by air is more expensive than shipping by sea. The mode chosen will depend on the size and weight of the shipment, and how quickly it needs to arrive at the destination. Learn more about Air Freight services.

Sea Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Sea freight is the cheapest and most time-consuming mode of shipping. It can be used for bulk shipping and is divided into LCL (Less than Container Loads) and FCL (Full Container Loads). The choice between FCL and LCL shipping methods depends on the size of the shipment, the urgency of delivery, and the characteristics of the goods. Learn more about Sea Freight services.

FCL Sea Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

FCL sea freight offers the advantage of being cost-effective, faster transit time, and lower potential for damage compared to LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping. FCL means your goods fill an entire container, either 20’ or 40’ long. If you are shipping at a high volume, you’ll save time and money by shipping FCL. Pricing for FCL is done as a flat rate, regardless of whether or not your container is completely full.

LCL Sea Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

LCL sea freight is a shipping method suitable for smaller shipments that do not fill an entire container and will be shipped along with other parcels or pallets. However, LCL shipping has some disadvantages, such as longer transit times, higher costs per unit, and a higher chance of damage due to the need for consolidation and deconsolidation of goods at the origin and destination ports.

Courier to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Courier services are suitable when you need to send small to medium-sized packages quickly to United Kingdom from Hong Kong, typically ranging from 3 to 7 days, making them ideal for urgent shipments. Some courier services offer door-to-door delivery services, making it convenient for customers. Learn more about Courier services.

Post Service to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Post services are suitable for sending documents or small-sized packages that are not time-sensitive to United Kingdom from Hong Kong. Postal services are generally used to send documents, gifts, and merchandise. Learn more about Post Service.

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Shipping Cost & Delivery Time to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

The shipping cost to United Kingdom from Hong Kong is influenced by various factors. These include the mode of transportation, the size and weight of the shipment, the port of arrival, handling requirements, fuel costs, market demand. By considering these factors, shippers can make informed decisions to manage and optimize the cost of shipping.

While transit time is impacted by the specific location of the shipment, the size of the shipment, and seasonal factors. The choice of shipping mode, such as courier, air or sea freight, can significantly impact the transit time. Transported by Air is generally faster than ocean, with delivery times ranging from 3 to 6 days, while ocean freight can take between 20 and 35 days, depending on the destination and load type.

Gain real-time information on the status of your shipment with our real-time Track & Trace.

Air Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Shipping cost of air freight to the United Kingdom from Hong Kong is generally calculated per kilogram. In some cases, the chargeable weight is determined by the volumetric weight rather than the actual weight.

The cheapest option for air freight from Hong Kong to United Kingdom is generally for shipments weighing between 150 kg to 500 kg, with typically between 3 to 7 days in delivery time.

Weight (kg)

Rate (USD/kg)

Transit Time (Days)

+100 kg

$ 7.23

3 - 6

+300 kg

$ 6.72

3 - 6

+500 kg

$ 6.72

3 - 6

+1000 kg

$ 5.88

3 - 6

*Actual rates as of January 2024

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Sea Freight to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Shipping cost of sea freight is typically calculated based on the volumetric weight of the shipment. Once a shipment weighs more than around 500 kg, shipping by sea generally becomes the more cost-effective option due to economies of scale. The typical transit time for sea freight is between 20 to 35 days, with LCL shipment is generally a few days longer than FCL shipment.

LCL Shipping Rates to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Shipping Route

Rate (USD/CBM)

Transit Time (Days)

Shipping to Felixstowe

$ 18.00

27 - 30

Shipping to Southampton

$ 43.00

32 - 35

*Actual rates as of January 2024

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FCL Shipping Rates to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Shipping Route

Rate (USD/20GP)

Rate (USD/40GP)

Transit Time (Days)

Shipping to Southampton

$ 2,275.00

$ 4,435.00

47 - 50

Shipping to Felixstowe

$ 3,086.00

$ 4,262.00

33 - 36

Shipping to Liverpool

$ 3,225.00

$ 5,635.00

23 - 26

*Actual rates as of February 2024

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Express to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Small packages are often most suitable for courier services due to their lower weight and size, which can make them more cost-effective to ship. Additionally, many courier services offer specific pricing and services tailored to small packages, making them a convenient and efficient option for shipping smaller items internationally. The typical transit time for courier services is between 3 to 6 days.

Post Service to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

When it is suitable to use mail services for sending a package depends on various factors such as the size and weight of the package, the destination, and the urgency of delivery. For instance, Hongkong Post also offers various mail services for international destinations, including United Kingdom, with delivery times ranging from 6 days to 4 weeks depending on the service chosen.

The Cheapest Shipping Option to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

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Shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom – From HK$ 280 / US$ 36 *

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Duties & Taxes for Shipping to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

United Kingdom calculates customs duties based value of goods, and the quantity of goods being shipped. The specific duty amount is determined by factors such as the type of commodity, quantity, declared value, or duty paid value as determined by United Kingdom customs. Types of import duty:

  • Customs duty: applicable to all imported goods valued above GBP 135
  • Value-added tax (VAT): applicable to all imported goods

Duties Threshold and Exemption

The imported goods valued at more than € 135.00 are subjected to the VAT.

Common Goods Shipped to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Hong Kong and United Kingdom have a wide range of common goods that are frequently traded between the two regions. These goods encompass various industries, including electronics, consumer goods, textiles, machinery, and toys, among others. Despite ongoing efforts to maintain a favorable trade environment, challenges related to shipping to the U.K. from Hong Kong persist.

Leveraging platform services can greatly simplify the logistics process. These platforms connect businesses with a wide network of reliable logistics services providers, streamlining the transportation of goods across borders.

Some common goods shipped from Hong Kong to United Kingdom are:

Hong Kong has been a prominent hub for toy manufacturing for several decades. Navigating the import and export market for toys between Hong Kong and United Kingdom requires a good understanding of regulations, standards, and industry trends. Working with experienced shipping professionals can help ensure compliance and smooth transactions in this market.

Shipping electronics from Hong Kong to United Kingdom has thrived due to Hong Kong’s position as a major export hub, facilitating the smooth flow of goods and trade activities. However, evolving trade factors have introduced new challenges and considerations for businesses involved in this shipping route.

As Hong Kong is a major export market for many of the world’s leading cosmetics brands, importing cosmetics from Hong Kong to United Kingdom is an important area of trade to meet the demand for high quality beauty products.

Hong Kong is a key hub for importing and exporting food and beverage products. Its strategic location and strong trade links with the UK make it an ideal location for businesses to take advantage of Hong Kong’s logistics expertise and reputation for quality, benefiting from the trade between these two places.

The car battery market in shipping to U.K. from Hong Kong is experiencing a significant surge due to the increased import of lithium-ion batteries. The shipping landscape between Hong Kong and United Kingdom is being influenced by this rapid expansion in the car battery market, particularly for EVs.

The import and export market for Super Cars between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom is thriving. Hong Kong’s logistics expertise and the UK’s demand for luxury vehicles make it an ideal route for shipping these super cars. Businesses can leverage Hong Kong’s logistics capabilities and the UK market’s affinity for exceptional automobiles to maximize opportunities in this sector.

Prohibited & Restricted Items for shipping to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

United Kingdom does publish a list of items prohibited from import, but it pays to read the regulations carefully as some of these prohibited items may be sent across the border if specific requirements are met or licenses are obtained. The list of prohibited items includes:
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property
  • Firearms
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Food Products (Raw & Prepared)
  • Plants & Seeds
Before you book a parcel delivery to the United Kingdom from HK, please also ensure you are complied with the rules and regulations listed. This will help to avoid any risk of your packages being delayed or returned, any unforeseen complications or extra charge. Learn more here.
For the latest information, please refer to United Kingdom Customs website.

Top shipping routes to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

The major seaport in Hong Kong is the Port of Hong Kong (HKHKG); while in the United Kingdom, there are several ports you can direct your shipment to, but it is best to use a port that is closest to your final destination. While there are many possible routes, here are some commonly used shipping lanes are:

There are additional shipping routes available depending on your specific needs and the destination within the U.K. FreightAmigo can provide you with real-time rates and options for these and other shipping routes to help you make informed decisions for your shipments from Hong Kong to the U.K..

What Are The Top Couriers When Shipping to united Kingdom from Hong Kong

The best courier choice will depend on factors such as the size/weight of the shipment, delivery speed requirements, and cost considerations. Through FreightAmigo, you may compare services and rates from several reputable carriers when shipping to the United Kingdom. Here are some top and common couriers.

  • FedE
  • UPS
  • DHL
There are different options for cargo transportation. If you want to choose the most convenient and suitable solution, it is best to have the full support of logistics experts!

Important Things To Consider When Shipping to United Kingdom from Hong Kong

Restricted items

  • Illegal drugs
  • Assault weapons, such as bladed weapons
  • Self-defense sprays, such as pepper spray and CS gas
  • Endangered species of animals and plants
  • Uncut diamonds
  • Pirated copies of music or movies
  • Indecent and obscene materials
  • Personal imports of meat and dairy products from non-EU countries

There are also restrictions on firearms, explosives and ammunition, which require a special license to enter the UK, and on food and plant products from outside the EU. If you want to know more about the restricted item, visit the UK government website.

Applying for an EORI Number

If you are planning to ship goods to the United Kingdom, you will need to apply for an Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification (EORI) number before you can do so. This is one of the most important changes that came into effect after Brexit.

The EORI number is a unique identifier used to track and register customs information for businesses operating within the European Union. Obtaining an EORI number is critical as it will simplify your customs processes and prevent delays or additional costs at the border. Visit the European Commission website to learn more about EORI and how to apply for it.

Shipping policies for UK shipments

Since VAT is charged to non-EU members, it is important that your shipping policy clearly states whether you or the customer is responsible for paying the rate. VAT can be around 20% worth of the goods you send over, which is pretty high. Therefore, customers may cancel their orders if the VAT charge is too high, so make sure that they can see the exact cost of shipping and tax to inform them of the cost. Below are some examples of how different products are charged.

Common VAT items include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Biscuits (chocolate covered only)
  • Bottled water (including mineral water)
  • Calendars and diaries
  • Carbonated (fizzy) drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Clothes and footwear (excluding those for children under 14 years old)
  • Confectionery and sweets
  • Delivery charges (postage and packaging)
  • Fruit juice and other cold drinks (not milk)
  • Nuts (shelled, roasted or salted)

VAT on uncommon items:

Items like children’s clothing and energy materials are taxed anywhere from 0-5%. Uncommon items include:

  • Children’s clothing (under the age of 14 years old)
  • Fish (including live fish)
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Live animals for human consumption
  • Meat and poultry
  • Milk, butter, and cheese
  • Newspapers, magazines, and journals
  • Nuts and pulses (raw for human consumption)

Best Way To Ship To United Kingdom From Hong Kong

As a business center, United Kingdom prioritizes facilitating business transactions to the maximum extent possible. As a result, the majority of small, letter-sized shipments are exempt from any tariffs and smoothly clear the border of United Kingdom. This significantly simplifies the process of sending paperwork, proposals, and other business correspondence from Hong Kong to United KIngdom.

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We connect over 1,000 logistics providers, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions worldwide. We offer door-to-door solutions across the 5 major modes of transport: road, air, ocean, truck and rail freight, providing you with the most competitive freight rates from the logistics providers when shipping to United Kingdom. You can also arrange cargo insurance, export credit insurance and even trade finance through our platform at the click of a button. All processes can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.

Simple Booking Steps for Shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom

At FreightAmigo, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive logistics solution that makes arranging international shipping a breeze. With five different transportation modes to choose from, we have all your shipping needs covered!

Tips for Keeping Down Costs And Shipping Time

Here are some tips to help reduce the cost and time of shipping packages to the United Kingdom.

Shipping Costs

  • Choose the Right Shipping Service – Compare rates and delivery times for Economy, Standard, and Expedited shipping options to find the best balance of cost and speed.
  • Optimize Package Size and Weight – Avoid overpacking to reduce dimensional weight charges. Use the smallest box possible for the contents.
  • Avoid additional fees – Be aware of potential surcharges such as fuel, remote area, or holiday delivery fees. Try to schedule shipments to avoid these extra costs.

Shipping Times

  • Ship early and plan ahead – Factor in the processing and transit time required for your chosen shipping method. Ship with plenty of lead time to avoid delays.
  • Use expedited services for time-sensitive shipments – If you need the package to arrive quickly, pay for a faster delivery option such as next-day or 2-day air.
  • Use tracking and proactive communication – Sign up for delivery notifications and tracking to stay on top of your shipment’s status. Proactively communicate with the recipient.
  • Avoid peak shipping times – Holidays and other high-volume periods can result in longer transit times, so plan accordingly.

Through FreightAmigo, you can compare the price of different couriers and different shipping methods to find the cheapest shipping cost. And with the click of a button, FreightAmigo will help you handle the paperwork of customs clearance and cargo insurance, saving you a lot of shipping time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom

How to choose air or sea freight for shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom?

The difference between air and sea freight for shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom U.K. lies in the transit time, cost, and suitability for different types of shipments. The choice between air and sea freight depends on the size, weight, and urgency of the shipment. Air freight is recommended for smaller, time-sensitive shipments, while sea freight is more cost-effective for larger shipments. Find the best solutions with our Instant Quote.

Do I need cargo insurance for shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom U.K. ?

It is advisable to consider insurance coverage to protect your goods in case of damage or loss during transit. On FreightAmigo platform, you can easily insure your goods in just one click when arranging your shipment. Learn more about our Cargo Insurance services.

What are the import requirements and documentation for shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom U.K. ?

When importing goods from Hong Kong to United Kingdom, the customs process involves completing customs clearance procedures, providing supporting documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and filling in an accurate import declaration. Consult with our expert to simplify the shipping process and ensure compliance to avoid any additional charges. Learn more about our Customs Clearance services.

What are the Incoterms for shipping from Hong Kong to United Kingdom?

Incoterms affect freight prices from Hong Kong to United Kingdom by specifying the level of service the freight forwarder offers and the responsibilities of both the seller and buyer. Learn more about the Incoterms here.