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Author Name: Tiffany Lee – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo|26/7/2022

During the pandemic, governments around the world introduced restrictions on their people to keep social distancing. People began to use e-commerce platforms for online shopping. Pandemic and quick expansion of e-commerce markets brings global sales opportunities for Vietnam.

Amazon released the “Local Sellers, Global Consumers: Capturing Vietnam’s e-commerce export opportunity” report, which has interviewed over 300 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Vietnam. The report claimed that Vietnam’s annual value of B2C e-commerce exports is expected to grow more than 20% and reaching US$11.1 billion in 2026, from US$3.3 billion in 2021.

The report also noted that if we classify e-commerce as an export category, it could be the fifth largest export category in Vietnam within five years. There is at least a 64% value of export could be earned by MSMEs.  Over 80% of those surveyed MSMEs admitted that they lack knowledge of international customs regulations and global competitiveness. Also, over 88% believe that e-commerce has a significant impact on local export volume.

Currently, international customers can purchase goods from Vietnam with e-commerce platforms, bringing huge cross-border business opportunities for local enterprises. Major export commodities include agricultural products, handicrafts, furniture, medical equipment etc. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Right now, Vietnam is actively expanding into Southeast Asia, China, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, and the US markets.


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