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Author Name: Tiffany Lee – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo|11/8/2022

The Mission to Seafarers released the latest Seafarers Happiness Index report. It shows that the happiness levels had recovered from the historical low in Q1 2022. Overall happiness has risen from 5.85 to 7.21 (full score is 10), and an increase in all categories.

To gauge seafarers’ attitudes toward living at sea, The Mission to Seafarers introduced the Seafarers Happiness Index in 2015. It helps the organization in collecting opinion from the entire shipping industry. Also, it identifies areas for improvement to ensure seafarers’ happiness in their everyday lives at sea. According to the latest report, the influx of industry solutions to tackle seafarers’ wellbeing has finally shown results by raising morale and attitude onboard. With more vaccinations, timely crew changes, higher salaries, and new amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), seafarers are feeling more enthusiastic about working at sea.

As COVID-19 pandemic shows a sign of easing, restrictions have relaxed around the world. This provides seafarers with more freedom over how long they will be onboard and when they will be onboard. Q2 data shows that more than 40% of seafarers onboard for between just 1 and 3 months after improvement on crew roster changes. The happiness of seafarers is therefore greatly enhanced. Moreover, more Seafarer Centres are now opened to provide seafarers with supplies they require ashore. These measures are likely to raise their quality of life and their level of happiness.

Thom Herbert, Idwal Crew Welfare Advocate and Senior Marine Surveyor noted that although there is an increase in the score on Q2 2022, problems like hours of work and rest are yet to be resolved. They need to be settled to help boosting seafarers’ morale and happiness in long-run.


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