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Author Name: Emma Hau – Marketing Analyst at FreightAmigo

Long queues of trucks at borders and cargos waiting offshore for months due to China’s strict “Zero-Covid” policy.  The public were therefore facing shortages of fresh produce while corporates were facing frequent shipment delay.  With the continuous supply chain disruption, corporates have begun to seek other feasible freight solutions to ensure goods delivered as scheduled.  Some of our FreightAmigo customers have recently switched from land to sea freight solution for more efficient shipment.

Speeding up Freight Arrangement with 3 Minutes Freight Quotation

In the past, customers needed to spend up to a week on freight quotation and booking process, so then they could move on to pickup and delivery arrangement. Therefore, customers generally need weeks to complete the entire quotation and delivery arrangements. However, FreightAmigo can speed up the entire process.  In a recent real case, shipment delivery from Shenzhen to Vietnam, our platform complete quotation and booking procedures in 3 minutes, shipment was delivered to Vietnam 5 days later.  The entire freight solution did not only complete in 5 working days, but also avoiding the lockdown measures in Shenzhen.  A few days after the beginning of quotation, Shenzhen has implemented closed management in the city in response to the outbreak of pandemic.  Even if customer managed to find a suitable freight solution, delivery could not be arranged as scheduled, which could delay the entire shipping plan.

FreightAmigo platform does not only complete quotation and booking in 3 minutes, which greatly shortens the freight schedule to 5 working days, but also helps customers to ship in advance and avoid any other potential shipment risks amid supply chain disruption.

Goods ready to depart!

AI Routing Suggests Best Freight Route

Dongxing Port and Hekou Port have always been one of the popular land transportation routes.  However, due to the pandemic, many ports were closed along the Sino-Vietnamese border.  Many trucks were stranded at the border. In order to reduce the impact of China’s strict “Zero-Covid” policy over border control, corporates are then actively searching for other alternative transportation options to stay away from supply chain disruption.

Our client had encountered several shipments delays in the last six months due to border closure.  Therefore, our client began to seek alternative transportation solutions. Since FreightAmigo platform connects with more than 300 service providers, we can provide freight solutions in all five transportation modes.  Freight options are more diversified and flexible. When using the platform, they do not only find suitable shipping solutions, but also enjoy freight solutions at better pricing. Originally, our client was planning to deliver goods to Hong Kong port before setting off to Vietnam.  However, our AI ​​Routing technology suggested Shekou port for transit instead.  Since relevant charges and fees are lower for Chinese ports, our solution help reducing the freight cost for our clients.

Goods arrived at Vietnam!

3-minute freight quotation and AI Routing technology of FreightAmigo work together to arrange 5-working day freight solutions from Shenzhen to Vietnam for our client.  We do not only guarantee early shipment, which is a week ahead of client’s expected freight schedule, FreightAmigo manages to arrange reliable and efficient freight solutions amid supply chain disruptions in order to “Make Trade Easier” for our clients.


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